Category: Care Tips

  • The big brush off

    No doubt, your valet or lady’s maid thoroughly brushes and airs your clothing after every wear. What to do without a staff? Brush your good clothes before putting them back in the closet. Brushing removes dust, grime and surface soil before it can penetrate. Use short, quick strokes against the grain, then finish with long […]

  • Tooth whitening alert.

    Today’s products for whiter, brighter smiles go way beyond old-fashioned baking soda. At-home treatments deliver serious bleaching power – so if you’re whitening at home, be sure to do it when you’re not wearing good clothes. Even a tiny splatter can leave a permanent bleached spot on your blouse, shirt, sweater or jacket.

  • Cushion rescue.

    Grimy patio or porch cushions? We may be able to help. Depending on the size, material and condition, our dry- and wet-cleaning experts can add another season’s use to your outdoor upholstery pillows, pads and cushions. Give us a call — we’ll do our best to remove the evidence of summer before you stow them […]

  • Highlighter stains

    Adding a bright highlight makes studying, editing and text skimming a lot easier, but when a highlighter pen leaks onto your jeans, it’s a colorful mess. Here’s how you may remove the stain: (1) wipe the stain with rubbing alcohol and rub lightly, rinse with warm water. (2) Pour 2 tbsp. of liquid laundry detergent […]

  • Get the most from your cleaner.

    Our attention to detailed service starts when we tag and inspect your incoming laundry – we look for stains, tears, broken buttons, snagged zippers. You can help by telling us (or marking with masking tape or a safety pin) trouble spots and stains. Our stain removal experts always appreciate knowing what caused the boo-boo so […]

  • Classic cotton.

    Summer wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable without classic cotton. Breathable, long-lasting and easy to clean, cotton’s a staple for every wardrobe, from workwear to sportswear, casual to classy. Yes, cotton will wrinkle (we all do, after a few years) but a few laundry tricks can help. Try air drying cottons to avoid shrinkage and fading […]

  • Après swim.

    Beach wear care. Three easy tricks to get more swim from your suit. Before you jump in the sea, or the pool, take a shower and saturate your suit in fresh water. Pool and seawater can deteriorate stretchy fabrics and fade colors. Keep your creams and suntan products on skin and off swimwear. After the […]

  • Wedding emergencies.

    Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Double-sided tape, super glue and safety pins can rescue a dropped hem or slippery strap. Sticky zippers yield to a little candle wax rubbed into the teeth. Greasy makeup stains or lipstick can be blotted up with a stain removal wipe, then hidden with baby powder. The most […]

  • Hot dogged?

    Yellow mustard is one of the toughest stains, so act fast if your sandwich squirts on you. Get it to us, pronto. Our stain experts will get the yellow spot out, and we never charge extra for regular stain removal. The sooner we get to work, the better your chance of stain removal. So celebrate […]

  • Happy Fourth of July.

    In the words of Harry S. Truman, “America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination.”  Today we celebrate the courage, imagination and determination that has made this a great country. We’re with our families today, celebrating our nation’s freedom, liberty and blessings. Happy Fourth!