A little less disability.

Now wheelchair users can choose pants, shirts, blouses, blazers and dresses specially tailored for looking (and feeling) good while seated. For instance, the blazer back is cut out to let the sides hang properly. Pants and skirts fit, dresses easily zip and the maker donates 10% to build ramps. See everything at IZCollection.com for affordable, classic and well-made mens and womens clothing made of top quality fabrics, styled to fit a seated body shape. Hurrah to designer Izzy Camilleri!

Aprés ski.

Check every item for salt, grit or food spills after your fun on the snow.  Close zippers and release tension on drawstrings or elastics, dry thoroughly before storing. Specifically follow care instruction tags: high tech fabrics need special attention, sometimes more sophisticated than the home washing machine. Remember, we’re your garment cleaning and care experts—even for technical sportswear.

Save the memories.

Wedding gowns are not the only heirlooms that deserve special treatment. Careful cleaning, mending and archival storage can benefit any textile. Grandmother’s lace tablecloth, Dad’s letter jacket or uniform, antique tapestries or christening gowns. We’ve seen it all and can recommend the right procedures and products to preserve your treasure.

Wet shoes.

Downpour, puddle or snowstorm, soaking your good shoes is more than uncomfortable, it’s a good way to ruin your investment in quality footwear. First, stuff the shoes with crumpled up newspaper and slowly dry away from direct heat which can crack the leather. When they’re almost dry, replace the paper with cedar shoe trees to maintain the shape. Wipe away salt stains with a little vinegar and water on a sponge.

Trouser tips.

Trouser tips. Before hanging or storing trousers, remove the belt and empty the pockets. Check for stains, tears or spots before hanging on a wooden hanger in an uncrowded closet. Minor wrinkles can be steamed away – hang near your shower or use a steamer. Whether wool or cotton, dressy or casual, we’re specialists at cleaning and finishing trousers. Our tailors can adjust the fit, hem or cuff so you always look your best.

Swimwear storage.

Before you toss that expensive swimsuit into the bottom drawer, turn it inside out and handwash in mild detergent and warm water, swish to clean – don’t wring – and lay it flat to dry before storing. Or drop it into a mesh lingerie bag and launder using your machine’s gentle cycle and a bit of Woolite. Airdry flat and store over winter with your summer clothing.

Season switch.

Before you store away your summer favorites, make sure everything’s clean and free of spills and stains. That little white wine spot or Ranch drip can oxidize over time, leaving a brown stain. Pack like-colored items together, and keep everything away from light and moisture. If you don’t have closet hanger space, fold everything (with white tissue paper) and pack loosely in suitcases or a cedar-lined trunk.

Button, button.

Let us know if you have a loose button or a falling hem. Our staff will make repairs so you can keep wearing your favorites time and time again. Hemming a new pair of pants? Let us know if you want to keep the original hem. And don’t forget to call ahead for a fitting on your specialty garments – our expert seamstress/tailor will keep you looking your best.

Summer travel.

Travel plans for summer, big or small? Use plastic dry cleaning bags like tissue paper when you pack. Tuck the bags between your folded clothes to reduce wrinkling. They’re great to wrap around shoes, too. We’re happy to package your garments for travel, folded and individually wrapped in plastic or paper, ready to slip into the suitcase or garment bag.

Perfect linen.

Cool summer linen – let us know if you like your linen to stand up, a little starch goes a long way to create a crisp linen feel. Do you like the smooth soft feel instead? Our professional staff cleans and hand presses linen garments to maintain the structure but still soft and smooth to the touch. Not all linen shirts are the same, so remember to tell us your preference – we will keep your linen garments in the shape you like the best.