Category: The Closet Manager

  • Switching seasons.

    Before you store away your summer favorites, make sure everything’s clean and free of spills and stains. A little white wine spot or Seven-Up spill will oxidize over time, leaving a brown stain. Pack like-colored items together, and keep everything away from light and moisture. If you don’t have closet space, fold everything (with white […]

  • Are your shirts getting tipsy?

    Have you noticed a dark spot at the tips of your shirt collars?  Are certain shirts, like your blue ones, more noticeably tipped, while others aren’t at all?  Did they seem to just appear, doing a “vanishing ink in reverse” trick? What you have noticed is the adhesive from the shirt’s construction finally showing through […]

  • Tailor made solutions

    Repair and reuse makes great sense and our alterations department is standing by to fit, cut and rework your favorite pieces. Patch your favorite jeans to keep them going strong, shorten a long skirt into a summer style. Missing buttons on your favorite jacket or broken zipper? We can do that too – as well […]

  • Avoid the summertime closet cram

    Summer is a great time to organize your closet. Move bulky items to the back so you can easily find your summer must-have fashions. But remember, color coordinating is key –dark items will lose dye naturally as they sit in your closet, and lighter items next to them end up with the stain. It is […]

  • Summer travel.

    Travel plans for summer, big or small? Use plastic dry cleaning bags like tissue paper when you pack. Tuck the bags between your folded clothes to reduce wrinkling. They’re great to wrap around shoes, too. We’re happy to package your garments for travel, folded and individually wrapped in plastic or paper, ready to slip into […]

  • The secrets of men’s underwear.

    Ten percent of men have underwear in the drawer that’s at least ten years old, have designated a “lucky” pair or wear the same underpants up to four days in row! 35% have their partner or mother buy their shorts. 65% wear different underwear for sports and 30% admit underwear has caused a wedgie. What do men wear? 43% boxers, 32% […]

  • Zipper zapped?

    Don’t let a broken zipper ruin your favorite jacket, pant or skirt – bring them to us for repair or replacement. Our alterations department can replace your zipper and we can even repair invisible zippers with expertise—at a fraction of the cost to replace the garment. Done within a week, you will be singing zippity […]

  • Make room for spring and summer

    For most of the country, snow and rain have been replaced by sunny skies and fresh grass – make room in your closet for bright new spring additions by packing up bulky outerwear, ski clothes and wet weather gear.  Want an easy way to store them for next season?  Ask us to fold your garments […]

  • Spring (closet) cleaning, part two.

    Spring (closet) cleaning, part two.  Here are ten ways to be sure “it’s gotta go.” 1-2, truly stained or stinky. We can do a lot, but some stains and smells are forever. 3. Damaged beyond repair, even by a talented seamstress. 4. Would you buy it right now?  5. It does not fit.  Not now, […]

  • Spring (closet) cleaning, part one.

    When surveyed, American women admitted to over $500 worth of never-worn clothing hiding in the closet. That’s one of every five items: shoes, dresses and coats. Why? 75% said they just liked other pieces better, half said their friends didn’t like it, and a third admitted the item was out of style. Three ways to […]