Keep your clothes looking newer, longer.

First, choose the gentlest and coolest wash cycle. Turn garments inside out, especially jeans, to prevent friction in the washing and drying process. Put delicate items in mesh bags to avoid snags or stretching. Treat stains immediately by gently blotting before using an instant stain remover. Of course, our stain removal experts can help but their work gets tougher as the stains get older. We’re garment care specialists, with professional training, experience, equipment and cleaning products.   

Clean your mask.

It’s important to remember that a reusable cloth mask should be washed in hot water after each wearing. If it’s not going right into the laundry, store it in a disposable bag that you don’t re-use.  Disposable masks are one-use only and should be properly disposed of after use. Be sure to wash your hands after handling a mask, you should treat it as potentially contaminated with virus. If you’d like us to launder your mask, be sure to remove any filter elements, then fold the mask in half, with outer surface facing inward, and put it in a ziplock bag.  

Seasons change.

Unless you have three or four empty closets in your home, you probably have to switch and store clothes with the changes of the season. Before putting clothes in storage, let us clean them. Cleaning prevents even invisible stains from discoloring and weakening the fabric. Also, food and beverage stains, as well as body oils and perspiration can attract pesky insects.   

Swimwear care.

After each use, rinse swimwear in cool tap water to remove sunscreen, sand, sweat and chlorine. To wash after a few wearings, turn the swimsuit inside out and hand wash in the sink, using a few drops liquid detergent in warm water. Gently squeeze the suds through the garment, don’t wring or twist. Rinse well and lay flat to dry. At the end of the season, put your swimwear in a mesh lingerie bag and run through a gentle wash machine cycle with a mild detergent before storing for next year.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

We’ll be closed Monday to celebrate the end of summer with our families. It’s a time to remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” We’ve built our business by providing “painstaking excellence” from our laundry and drycleaning professional staff. We celebrate their contributions, day in and out.

Brand-new jeans.

Nothing evokes back-to-school like the smell of new denim. When you buy a pair made of untreated raw denim, some experts recommend wearing for six months before washing. Why? It takes wear to break down super-stiff fibers, and during the process the jeans actually conform to your shape. When you do wash (or have us expertly wash or dry clean), turn inside out, use cold water in a gentle cycle. If you want them to fade, use hot water. Lay flat or hang upside down to air dry, avoid a hot dryer.  

Closet clutter?

Too often, keepsake garments take up space and get crushed in the process. We not only clean and archivally pack wedding gowns, we also preserve baby outfits, prom dresses, christening gowns, letter jackets, costumes and ceremonial garb, military dress uniforms, even Grandma’s afghan all crowd available storage. Properly packaged, your keepsakes are preserved and ready stack on a shelf. 

Make your bed.

After summer’s hot nights, now’s the time to freshen your nighttime environment. Begin by stripping the bed down to the mattress. If you use a mattress pad, launder (or bring to us) and dry thoroughly, hanging on the line, if you have one. Flip and rotate the mattress. Is it time to replace your pillows? Unless they are very high quality, it may be easier to buy new than clean old. Sniff test the winter comforter, blankets or quilts. We can clean them to like-new freshness – even king size is no problem for our machines. Be ready to snuggle up when winter chills arrive.

WFH rules of engagement.

If you are being paid to work, you should look like you’re working, at least from the waist up. Men can get away with a neat polo shirt (collars down) or classic white button down unbuttoned (two buttons max). Women can look work-ready in a tailored top, stylish knitwear or even a tee under a casual blazer. Psychologists say that we perform better when we look better, so pay attention to that image you’re putting out there, even if you’re just appearing on Zoom.  

Fluffy, fresh towels.

After a shower or bath, there’s nothing as refreshing as a big, clean terrycloth towel. Home laundry fabric softener can prevent a towel from soaking up water, incompletely rinsed detergent can harden the fibers. If towels aren’t smelling so fresh, add a cup of baking soda to the wash. White vinegar freshens mildewy staleness. Nothing smells better than a towel that’s dried on a clothesline in the sunshine.