Eid al-Adha.

Today, Muslims around the world celebrate their 4-day holiday with an act of thanksgiving for God’s mercy. It’s a time for prayer, giving thanks, wearing traditional clothes and sharing national dishes and gifts. Muslims are encouraged to be especially friendly to others and reach out to one another during this, their holiest of holidays. Every faith and creed shares the love of tradition, family and community. And all of us would be at our best if being “especially friendly” was the goal.

Berry stains.

They’re summer’s best treat but their bright colors can stain like nothing else. Stain removal starts with stretching the affected fabric over a large bowl, then pour boiling water through the fabric. This should remove most of the stain, but any lingering color can be released by dabbing the stain with white vinegar before soaking in cold water and laundering. Or easier yet, bring the garments to our stain removal experts.

Picnic classics.

Bright checkered tablecloth, silly (or plainly practical) BBQ apron, oversized cloth napkins/placemats/bibs, fun and fancy dishcloth wine wrappers, brand-new white t-shirts.  All our summer favorites, all one oops from a stain. Ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce or beer, we’re all one spill away from a little mess.  Bring it all to our stain removal experts, the sooner the better.   

Fluffy, fresh towels.

After a swim, shower or bath, there’s nothing as refreshing as a big, clean terrycloth towel. Home laundry fabric softener or dryer sheets prevent a towel’s fibers from soaking up water, incompletely rinsed detergent can harden the fibers. If towels aren’t smelling so fresh, add a cup of baking soda to the wash. White vinegar freshens mildewy staleness and nothing smells better than a towel that’s dried on a clothesline in the sunshine.    

Linen, the summer classic.

Linen’s looser weave allows more air to flow. It’s also absorbent and conductive —wicking moisture back into the air so you feel cooler, naturally. The wrinkled, rumpled look of linen is a side-effect of the flax fiber’s inherent structure, considered by some to be a sign of comfortable elegance. Linen’s long-lasting quality costs a bit more, takes a little more care but linen can be a luxurious summer pleasure.  We are linen care experts for every item.   

Don’t sweat it.

When temperature, humidity, stress or activity trigger perspiration, it’s natural. But stains aren’t. Moisture combined with deodorant can create stubborn yellowing or white residue. Too much product is often the culprit – apply one thin layer and allow it to completely dry. A little is enough to do the job. Good old-fashioned dress shields or cotton undershirt protect your garment from dampness. When a stain does happen, bring the garment to us for professional stain removal. Our experts use specialized products and techniques, specific for fabric type and finish.  

Extend your wash machine’s life.

Remove wet clothes ASAP to prevent mold and mildew. And leave the door open between loads. Check the pockets – loose items can damage the tub or get into the pump. Clean the lint trap if your washer has one, and for sure your dryer has one. Don’t overdose on detergent. It can cause your washing machine to work harder to rinse out the residue. 

Home laundry money-savers.

Most loads in your washing machine are effectively cleaned with cold water. The only time you really need to use hot water (with bleach) is for virus- and germ-killing sanitation. Modern detergents are formulated to work in warm or cold water; heating water for laundry can bulk up your utility bill. Always measure detergent carefully – most people use up to twice as much as needed.  It’s a waste of money, hard on your machine, and may actually make clothes look grimy.

Fourth of July!

We’re reminded on our nation’s birthday to celebrate and protect our independence, freedom and democracy. The great Supreme Court jurist Oliver Wendall Holmes said, “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation forevermore!”     

Whiter whites.

According to the experts at Consumer Reports, white clothes can pick up grey soil from other garments in a crowded washer. Wash whites separately, don’t pack the washer and measure the detergent. If more whitening is needed, try a detergent with bleaching components, an oxidizer like OxiClean or hang clothing in the sun for natural whitening. Of course, we’re experts at keeping whites bright — removing stubborn stains and un-yellowing vintage wedding gowns are just two specialities you’ll find behind our counter.