Wine Spills

Cabernet or Chablis? Don’t think of red wine as the enemy. White wine spills are just as damaging if left untreated. The sugar will oxidize leaving a brown haze around the original spill. And just like other stains, please do not try and pre-treat – it can cause the sugar to set into the fabric. Bring the item to us as soon as possible and remember – always let us know what you spilled – we have the best success when there’s no guess work.

Saving valuable resources while keeping the quality

Have you noticed a change in how your finished dry cleaning looks? Using fewer plastic bags, clips and paper covers is one smart way we can help save valuable resources. As we strive to become more eco-friendly we are finding ways to cut back on excess use without sacrificing quality. Ask us more eco-friendly ways to cut back on your next visit.

We track every item, every time

New technology adds improvements to the way we do business. You may notice barcode labels in your garments – please don’t remove them – they allow us to track your clothes during the cleaning process, and even attach specialty care instructions to your favorite piece of fashion. The labels are safe for all fabrics, and don’t worry, we will never use them on your special occasion wear.

Reading Care Labels

New fashions mean new fabric combinations. Remember to read the care labels and always follow the designer’s request for professional cleaning. DIY cleaning mishaps are the number one reason those favorite designs don’t hold up – trust our professional textile experts to take special care of your delicate fabrics like lace, suede, leather, fur, plastic and even metal.

Happy Valentine’s Day

What a wonderful holiday: celebrate the love in your life. While the pandemic has put a wrinkle in romantic restaurant dining, there’s nothing stopping a just-the-two-of-you candlelit celebration. Dress up a little, turn down the lights and set the mood. A crisp white tablecloth and napkins, fresh flowers, champagne, a favorite entree and a chocolate desert should be sure-fire passion starters. If things get a little messy, remember we can remove lipstick, wine and food stains.

Pairs of pants.

Why is one garment called a pair? Even the earliest pair of pantaloons were attached in the middle. Linguists call this a plurale tantum, Latin for plural only. English has lots of pluralia tantum: electronics, odds, surroundings and thanks. Items that have two symmetrical or attached halves are popular examples, like scissors, pliers, and glasses. They all are a pair despite being a single item.   

Prepare for clean.

A few minutes prepping laundry before throwing it into the machine saves grief and adds life to your clothing. Unroll shirt sleeves and pant cuffs. Zip up zippers to avoid snagging the metal teeth on knits and woven garments. Unbutton button-down collars and button-front shirts to avoid stressing buttons and buttonholes. Tie drawstrings together so they don’t snake into the sweatpants or hoodie. Turn dark colored garments inside out to minimize fading. Make the most of your home laundry using our professional prep tips.

Saggy sweater?

When a favorite knit garment starts growing, it’s time to bring it back to shape. We can block it to the right size and shape when we clean it. We’ll even keep measurements on file for special garments – remember, we’re customer service specialists. May we serve your sweater’s special needs?

Makeup explosion.

When powder makeup gets on dark clothing (always when you’re in a hurry), ignore the instinct to brush it away. Instead of rubbing to spread the mess and push the powder into the fabric, blow off the powder, using canned air, hair dryer or your breath. Makeup remover on a cotton ball should pick up what’s left. We can remove stubborn stains – even professional stage makeup. Tag the stain with masking tape and our stain removal experts will get to work on it next time.

The plush life.

Velour, velveteen and velvet all rely on cut pile for the luxurious look and feel. Velvet is woven, cut and crushed while velveteen is simply woven and velour is knit. All the “v” fabrics are comfortable, warm and susceptible to wrinkles, creases and pilling. Always hang velvet on padded hangers, steam to remove wrinkles. Professional cleaning is always recommended for velvet.