Category: Laundry Line

  • Cold water savings.

    Detergent chemists have come a long way since Fels Naptha and boiling water was the answer to dirty laundry. Most people still think hot or warm water gets clothes cleaner, but in fact all it does is add cost. Consumer Reports calculates you could save enough in energy costs to pay for 300 loads worth […]

  • More laundry tricks with baking soda

    Want a natural way to brighten whites, even vintage linens? Use baking soda in your next load of laundry. The natural chemistry gently removes dirt and debris, even set-in odors, all while being safe for even the most delicate skin. It works great as a natural fabric softener and is fragrance free. For any of […]

  • Get prepped for a fresher workout.

    Before your post-turkey workout, get those funky gym clothes fresh again. According to Men’s Fitness, the easiest way to keep gym clothes smelling fresh is presoaking. Most workout garments are made with fibers that repel water, like Spandex and Lycra, so you need to presoak in a half-gallon warm water mixed with 1 ounce laundry […]

  • Pillow talk.

    Lumpy, flat, sour smelling? Time to refresh your bed pillows before winter sets in. Your every-night bed partners may need rejuvenation. Are your favorite down pillows at the end of their life?  Bring us your down and feather pillows for cleaning and reticking. We remove the feathers, sanitize and refluff them, add more feathers, then […]

  • Lemons in the laundry.

    When life gives you lemons, there’s more than lemonade. The citric acid in lemon juice helps break down stains and brightens whites – instead of bleach, add a cup of lemon juice with your regular detergent. An old trick to remove rust stains still works better than chlorine. Moisten the rusty stain with lemon juice, […]

  • No more free pour.

    Want your laundry to look dingy gray? Too much detergent will leave unrinsed soil in your garments and the over-sudsing will stress your machine’s pump and drain system. The manufacturers would love you to use more, but if you want clean clothes (at lower cost) stick with the minimum recommended amount, and use the measuring […]

  • Cleaning up down.

    Before you store that down vest or comforter, make sure it’s perfectly clean. Small items can be washed in a front-loading machine, on the permanent press cycle, using a detergent that’s safe for down. If the item is really soiled, stop the machine midway and let everything soak for an hour. To make sure you’ve […]

  • Showing the heat?

    If early summer heat and humidity have lead to perspiration stains in washable garments, treat the stains with a prewash stain remover, then launder in the hottest water the fabric can stand, using an enzyme detergent and oxygen bleach.  Or bring us the stained items and we’ll use professional-strength cleaners and expert stain knowledge to […]

  • Fluffy fresh towels.

    After a steamy shower or bubbly bath, there’s nothing as refreshing as a big, clean terrycloth towel. But some home laundry practices actually diminish the terrycloth’s absorption. For instance, fabric softener can prevent a towel from soaking up water. And residual detergent will harden the fibers. If your towels aren’t smelling so fresh, add baking […]

  • Spring cleaning the bedrooms.

    The next sunny day’s a good time to strip off winter bedding and clean pillows, comforters/duvets, quilts and blankets. Our commercial-size machines treat your fine bedding gently and we press and finish to perfection with professional equipment. Now’s a perfect time to clean everything before storing winter heavyweights.