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  • Chino season.

    Warm weather means chinos for most guys, dressed up with a white cotton shirt, dressed down with t-shirt or polo. Chinos come in colors way beyond khaki; we’re seeing classic blue, green, grey, brown and black. For a crisp tailored look, let us clean and press all your cotton trousers and shorts. For home care, […]

  • Thrifting, part 2

    Know your brands and remember that big names like Givenchy license their name for low quality mass-market garments. Avoid synthetics in vintage clothing and just skip anything made in the third world. With few exceptions, there’s no reason to buy used clothing that was made to be low cost. Speaking of cost, use your smartphone […]

  • How to thrift, part 1

    Know your fit and know what can be successfully altered. Carpe item. In other words, grab it when you find it. Time your visits to take advantage of thrift store stocking schedules. Look for damage. Hold it up to natural light and check for spots, holes and stains. Then try it on to make triple […]

  • Summer wedding tips for men.

    Women have it easy with a simple non-white dress. In summer, a man’s traditional dark suit can be too warm, somber and predictable. For a city wedding, choose a lightweight suit in gray, blue or a subtle pattern. Style it up with a pastel Oxford or poplin shirt. In the country, blazers and sport coats […]

  • Uncode the invitation.

    Your clue to choosing the right garb is sometimes confusing. Here’s a quick guide. Black tie is formal wear, tuxedos and cocktail or evening dresses. Black tie optional allows a dark suit. Resort formal is warmweather code for bright and lightweight clothes. For semi or business formal, wear a cocktail dress or dressy suit that […]

  • Six pairs is enough.

    Six pairs is enough.

    According to fashion expert Brock McGoff an adult male only needs six pairs of shoes for almost every day. Start with white canvas sneakers and light brown boat shoes for warm weather casual. A pair of medium brown dessert boots (chukkas) for jeans, cords or chinos. Dark brown loafers for business casual, brown wingtips for […]

  • Women dress for work.

    In our lifetimes, we’ve seen women’s workplace attire move from conservative jacketed suits to denim and t-shirts. For a pictorial history showing how fashion has changed since women started office work, Mashable’s photo story shows the shift from crinoline hoops to thumb rings and tattoos. One thing will never change and that’s a woman’s desire […]

  • The jean jacket.

    The denim coat was first seen on 19th century Japanese firemen, marked with bold indigo symbols. By the end of the century, Industrial Revolution factory workers wore blue jackets, source of the phrase “blue collar.” In 1905, Levi’s “Type I” was the choice for rugged workwear. By the 1950’s, Brando, Presley and those crazy beatniks […]

  • Ready for vintage?

    Vintage and antique garments are all the rage, but before you buy check these critical five factors:  Look for quality. Well made garments may be more expensive but they’ll be worth it in the long run. Check the fabric. Excessive heat can cause dry rot and separation, especially in collar, cuff and across the seat. […]

  • Which suit suits you for summer?

    Poppin’ neon colors, abstract patterns and slinky styles are what’s on at poolside or beach. Look for one- and two-piece suits in bold geometric patterns, from exact to wavy and distorted. Crave a little more old-school?  Details like fringe, braiding, halter necklines and ruching, all in neutral colors screaming Boho. See examples and more at […]